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price increase due to the Democratic Party.
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There are 3 basic custom frame choices.

1) The "Originale"
           Traditional (classic Italian tubing size) Reynolds 531 double butted steel,simple lug design, single color paint .

Frame              $1600.00
Frame w/ Fork    $1900.00   

  Optional tubing  (i.e. Dedacciai Com 12.5, Reynolds 631, True Temper) @ additional charge 

2) The "Nuevo Classico"

            Oversized tubing with investment cast lugs, bottom bracket and crown. Your choice of tubing  Dedacciai Com 12.5 or Columbus Zona optional tubing available @ additional charge (i.e.TrueTemper Platinum,Reynolds 631, Dedacciai Sat 14.5, Columbus Life etc.) 
optional lugs @ additional Charge (ie. Henry James, Pacenti, or Newvex). Simple but elegant lug design. Single color paint.

Frame alone starting @   $1700.00                                                       Frame w/Fork        $2000.00

3) The "Nuevo Classico Supreme"
           The choice is all yours. I will do my best to carve the lugs to your design. This is the ultimate custom, hand carved lugged frame in either type of tubing size.
Custom Cut lug  designs starting @ $250.00

Custom Cut forks design starting  @ $200.00  

Custom cut bottom brackets starting @ $250.00

Fillet brazing is available in place of lugs frame starting at $1700.0, with matching fork $2000.00

Note: Custom matching stems are available from $450.00

Additional paint colors are available on all frames for $150 each color.

Sample pictures are available in photo gallery.

Additional sevices:
       Single color paint  starting @ $ 300.00
        Each additional color             $ 150.00
         Lug Masking per lug             $   55.00
        Lug out lining  starting      @ $   75.00

* I also do frame repair, please contact me for more information and pricing.